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House of shadows

Documentary by Amine Hattou / 90 mins / in Development

In Laghouat, a desert town in southern Algeria, the director and three tormented characters are gravitating around a city haunted by the ghosts of a violent colonial past. Can they liberate themselves from the shadows of history?



Experimental Documentary by Stefanos Pavlakis / 90 mins / in Development

FOTAKA tells the story of an ever-transforming valley in Madagascar through the eyes of the mud in three seasonal cycles. An audio-visual ghost train ride through rice-fields and mudbrick sites, oscillating between ancestors and bulldozers.

coproduction with 16mmfilms (Mozambique), IDA.IDA. (FRANCE), DUPLACENA (PORTUGAL)

The Nights Still Smell of Gunpowder

Creative Documentary by Inadelso Cossa / 80 mins / in Production

Concerned with his defocused and fragmented memories of childhood during the Civil War, a film director decides to return to the village 30 year after to document and denounce the traumatic effects that the war caused. A personal film that crosses with the history of the country.

Supported by IDFA Bertha Fund, CNAP, ICA, HotDocs Blue Ice, Marrakesh Atlas Workshops


FOrget Alberto for now

Experimental Short Film by Beina Xu / 19 mins / Completed

“Alberto” is a hybrid short film about a Syrian Kurd’s imagined relationship with the name on his fake Sicilian ID —Alberto Santos—that afforded him passage to Germany on his eleventh attempt.

Supported by Senate Department for Culture and Europe and BKM film fund



Creative Documentary by Khaled Jarrar / 80 mins / in Production

By following a family through the Balkan route, a Palestinian director plunges into the horror of exile in a desperate need to recover his lost memories. A journey between two times and two displacements.

Supported by The Doha Film Institute and The Arab Fund For Arts and Culture, Alter-Ciné Foundation



Feature Documentary by Amine Hattou / 80 & 52 mins / Completed

Janitou is a journey to unravel love in past and contemporary Algeria by exploring the unique phenomenon of a Bollywood film that swept the country in the 80's.

Supported by The Doha Film Institute, The Arab Fund For Arts and Culture and Institut Français, International Media Support, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Nominated for the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for International Cooperation 2016

CREATIVE producer

land before time

Documentary by Juliane Henrich /  In Post-Production

The documentary „land before time“ focuses on a Silesian village, in which the director's grandfather was born, and which now hosts the biggest dinosaur park in Poland.

Director's Homepage

Supported by BKM

Director / producer / editor

doKument: hoyerswerda | frontex

Experimental Short Film / 16 mins / 2014

Four migrants from Mozambique provide eyewitness testimony about the racially motivated attacks that took place in Hoyerswerda, Saxony, in 1991. Their report is read to accompany archive shots, obtained directly in the streets of German city, which are shown in one half of the frame. The other half contains drone surveillance footage obtained by Frontex, the agency responsible for protecting the European Union's borders. 

Selected for Soirée Allemande 2015 - Édition 10

Shown at Jihlava, IKFF Hamburg, Filmfest Dresden, Dokka, Herbstsalon Gorki Theater