Feature Documentary by Amine Hattou / Completed


In Algeria in the mid-1980s, during a period of intense political and social unrest, the Bollywood film 'Janitou’ became an unexpected overnight sensation throughout the country. It tells the timeless story of young lovers torn apart by the bigotry of their families and society at large. While the film has become lodged in Algerian popular culture, this documentary is a journey to unravel the emotional identity of Algerian Men, intimate connection between two distinct cultures, a truthful tribute to cinema, and an Algerian Filmmaker’s personal quest to discover what is love in past and contemporary Algeria.

Supported by The Doha Film Institute, The Arab Fund For Arts and Culture and Institut Français, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Nominated for the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for International Cooperation 2016

Participated at:

DocCorner Cannes 2018

Agora Docs in Progress Thessaloniki 2018

Beirut Cinema Platform 2018 (Won most promising project award from IDFA)

Takmil 2017 (Won CNCI Prize)

Medimed 2017