time BEFORE land

Experimental Documentary by Juliane Henrich /  / In Post-Production

Creative Producer, Production Juliane Henrich

Krasiejów. A small Polish village, like a thousand others. The only unique feature: several years ago, the remains of an unknown dinosaur were found in a nearby gravel pit. In the aftermath, the biggest dinosaur park of Poland was built on the place of discovery. The tourism industry named the region: “Kraina Dinozaurów – World of Dinosaurs“. And another unique and very personal feature: my grandfather was born and raised in Krasiejów. He lived there until the war arrived, at the end of which my family fled to the west. The people who live nowadays in Silesia are mostly from Eastern Poland, which now belongs to Ukraine. These people were resettled in the former German territory, after the flight and expulsion of the German population. 

The experimental documentary „land before time“ takes this village with its alternating names as a starting point, to take a closer look at the permanent re- and over-writing of the Silesian history. Through a voice-over text, which consists of different German and Polish stories of resettlement and fleeing, the supposed objectivity of writing history is questioned. The grandeur of nationalist-motivated historiography is ironically mirrored in the giant dinosaur replicas: the dinosaur, which was found in the village, only had the size of a dog. In a time, when nationalist populism is rising in Germany and Poland, it is important to take an ideology-free look at this section of history with its migratory movements.

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